Saturday, January 30, 2016

Don't Hit Me With Them Negative Waves

I would be a rich man if I had $20 for every time someone told me "you will never enjoy that" or "that will never work."  

While keeping my my first principles stated here at Tractorpunk in 2013, to remain positive and "light on snark," I do want to cite a few instances of "negative waves" shot my way over the years. 
  • You will hate living in the country
  • You have to grow up farming in order to do well at it
  • Small farms have no future
  • You are too old to learn how to do mechanical work
  • No one cares about the origin of their food. They just look at the price
  • You will never find friends in the country
  • You cannot live sustainably any more
  • In three months, you'll hate that old pickup truck you just bought
  • Organic food is a fad
  • You will never be able to avoid shopping at Wal-Mart.
I married a very positive woman. She smiles at these predictions when I snarl. So to you negativists, I say "have a little faith, baby."

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